Genealogy - Advanced Services

old shipping registerOur line tracing service will trace a particular name of any relative you require. This could be your father's name or your maternal grandmother's name. We can usually go back to the beginning of the 1800s; we can often go further back depending on what records are available. This might involve extra cost but we would always discuss this with you beforehand.

As well as our line tracing package, we can also provide a service that will take you beyond the basic building blocks of family history. By adding the social history to your family memories, you can build a vivid picture of how they lived, played and worked. This could include photographic memories (see PhotoMyPast) of the towns and villages where your ancestors resided.

We also provide a book service that encompasses all of the above, but provided in a book format. To this we also add any of your own photographs that you may want included and the use of our Photo Restoration service.

Geneaelaogy Services Pricing

If you only need basic services have a look at Basic Service