Genealogy Pricing

all initial research will be carried out free of charge. this will allow us to determine if we are able to help you.

Genealogy - Basic

For very basic genealogy research we charge £20.00 per hour plus expenses. Normally basic research such as the ordering of certificates, particular look ups in a certain Records Office etc can take from a few minutes to many hours. As we charge for our time an hourly limit will be agreed by both parties beforehand.

We are also conveniently located for research in London; this would normally be charged at 5 hours minimum.

Reproduction of an Existing Family Tree

If you have already started your own family tree we can check the research you have completed and add any additional records that may be required. We would charge an hourly rate for this with the time spent agreed by both parties at the outset.

We can also offer this service and add to it the social history your ancestors would have enjoyed using our Advanced Genealogy package. Depending on your requirements we will charge between £100-£200 with a deposit of £100.

A deposit of £100 will be required.

Genealogy - Advanced

Our full Genealogical research service starts at £150 per line and we can trace as many lines as you want. For this you will receive:

A deposit of £100 per line will be required.

To this we can add a social history to provide the meat on the bones, with descriptions of the places they lived, the jobs they did and the world around them. We can provide you with a comprehensive social history as well as a family history for your ancestors. This often includes those resources that take a little bit longer to discover, such as Military records, Wills, Apprentice records or Non-Conformist records to name a few. For this we add a further £200 per line and you will receive:

A deposit of £100 per line will be required.

Genealogy Books

For that little bit extra we can offer everything found in the form of a book. For an extra £100 this would make an ideal gift to which we can add any photos you may have of your ancestors and those of your current family. This would include:

A deposit of £150 will be required.

Payment in advance.